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Halloween with Horses

October 22, 2016

Baby and I have come so far since I met him some 12 or so years ago. This picture was taken within the first few months that my Dad purchased Baby for me from my wonderful Trainer. We didn't know what we were dealing with when we first hauled him to the Colorado Horse Park for the Halloween with Horses event. Just my dad, Baby, and me (at 15 years old). I had worked to put together this costume, to this day I love how it turned out, even if we didn't make it to the arena for the costume contest. The minute we pulled Baby out of the trailer I knew we had a lot on our hands. He was covered in sweat and flew out of the trailer and started to circle me because he knew I wouldn't let him trample me. We got him in a stall and he started to pace. Still wanting to at least try and make it, we got him calmed down enough to get him tacked up.


This is also when I met my future step mom, Lynn. She was also a horse person and knew how to handle a hot Arabian, since she has owned a few (or a lot!). Thank goodness she showed up, because I hopped on Baby and all of a sudden he turned into a ticking time bomb. Ready to explode given the chance. She held on from the ground while we made our way to the warm up ring where I figured I could get him moving and focused on me instead of all the horses dressed in costumes.

Within 10 minutes I knew I couldn't control him enough to get to the contest and as soon as he saw the pony dressed in a convincing lion costume he lost his mind. We thought it would be safest to head back and take him home.


That day I will always remember and it just shows how far I have come with Baby. I know him inside and out. He also knows me inside and out. Even though, at 24 years old, he can still be a hot headed asshole, I love him more than anyone could. After Halloween with Horses we worked and trained and practiced to get him ready to do the big horse shows and it paid off. He would have his moments, but it made me the confident rider that I am today.


Comment below and share a picture of your horse in costume! 

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