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5 Ways to Reuse old Bits

October 28, 2016

  Are you guilty of holding on to things? Letting things collect dust, thinking that one day you'll use it again? Bits are a piece of equipment that we use everyday. Though, with the tons of options available, you probably have types that you don't use anymore. Well check out these tips to put some use to those old bits laying around!

 1. Use them as art: I love this idea! Add functionality by making the bits able to be removed and hung back up! This could look great in an office or tack room at the barn. Plus side: it gives you more room in your tack trunk!

 2. Curtain tie back: If we had curtains I would definitely use this idea, it looks so elegant!

3. Towel Holder: You could even do this in a bathroom. 

4. Snaffle Bit Mirror Trays: Not something you could make with real snaffle bits, but these are perfect for displaying small trinkets, jewelry, or perfumes. Would make a great addition to your makeup area!

5. Snaffle bit doorknob bell/door knocker: You could hang this on the handle or mount it to the middle of the front door to function as a door knocker! I love how they decorated this one in a holiday theme. You could change it for each holiday, add some web/spiders for Halloween, hearts and flowers for Valentine's, small eggs for Easter, etc. 


Comment below to share any other ideas you have to display your bits!

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