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20 Equestrian Questions

November 17, 2016

 Thanks to for the questions!


1) What discipline do you ride right now?



2) If you had to switch your discipline, which one would you choose?

Reining, I've done a little bit of it before and find it to be very similar to Dressage! I would also do Western Dressage as I think that would be a lot of fun as well, especially in the Arabian shows. 


3) Who is your equestrian idol?

I was very inspired by Laura Graves after learning about her journey with Verdades. I enjoyed watching her compete at the Rio Olympics this year. Especially with knowing how far they had come, with at one point him being almost unrideable and fearing anything and everything. It's amazing how some of the most difficult horses can turn out to be the most brilliant. 


4) Who is your least favorite equestrian?

I don't have one specifically. I guess anyone who rides horses that uses fear and physical punishment as a training method. 


5) Describe your dream horse... breed, color, markings, name.... (if you have yours, post a pic)

My dream horse would be a young one that I could train all that way to the top levels in Dressage. I love color and unique markings, so a pinto of some sort would be ideal!














The photo is of Art Deco, Baby's sire, I love his markings! Unfortunately he passed in 2013, click the image for source. 


6) Explain or post a picture of the horse you ride













I Currently Ride Baby, the one the left, about once a week. I've owned him for the past 10 years and he is 24 now and retired. 


On the right, is Java, who I am currently leasing. She is 18 and I am working at getting my Third Level scores for my USDF Bronze medal on her. 


7) What would you do if you were forced to stop riding?

If I was forced to stop riding....I would definitely try to stay in the horse world somehow, whether that's as an instructor to beginners, or maybe an equine therapy program. Or get into playing the flute again....










8) What was your best score at a show?

My best movement score is at an RMDS/USDF recognized show I got a 10 for my centerline x, hault, salute!

My best test score was 71.6% at Training level test 4.










9) Who's your favorite horse blog?

One of my many favorite horse blogs is: The Legal Equestrian I love her variety of topics and she posts very regularly!

There are so many good ones out there, it's hard to choose!


10) Group lessons or private? Why?

I have been blessed to only have had private lessons. I've done very few group lessons but I much prefer private lessons, especially if you are in Dressage because there's so many things the instructor looks for, and it's best to be the only one. 


11) How high do you jump?

6 inches, but one time Baby did jump the mounting block! That one was my bad.....










12) What level dressage do you do?

I've ridden horses at all levels of Dressage


13) What level eventing do you do? 



14) Cross country colors? What are they?



15) What colors look good on your horse?

On Baby, I would say Navy looks amazing on him. 

Java looks great in Brown/Champagne colors. 


16) Your opinions on Rolkur

It's unacceptable and should never be used. 


17) Last time you rode... was it great?

It was! The weather was beautiful, my ride was fantastic. Both Java and I got a good workout from it and we ended an a very positive note.












18) If you can spend a day with any Equestrian.... who would you spend it with... What would you do?

I would love to go horse shopping with Laura Graves, she purchase Verdades for 10k, and was able to see his potential and bring him to the Olympic level. 


19) Helmet or no helmet... your opinions?

Always a helmet! Shit happens, and it happens when you least expect it, no matter how mellow or trained your horse is.....












20) Who was/ is your first horse? Pictures or description

Goldie (the palomino....obviously not an unique name haha) was one of my first horses. She was a fun mare to learn to ride on and was at times very stubborn! I believe I was around 8ish years old when we got her and she passed away a few years ago at the ripe old age of 33-34. I remember doing some pole bending and barrel racing when I was little and had almost no control over her because I was so nervous at the rodeo. I loved doing trail rides with her in the pasture and galloping through the field chasing the eagles flying overhead. I miss her, but cherish those memories a lot. 




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