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New in Equine Technology, Equisense!

December 5, 2016


I shared a post on Facebook regarding this product but wanted to talk a little bit more about it because I find this new technology really interesting!


Have you ever worried about your horse while you aren't around? Well Equisense has released their kickstarter campaign (click here) and they have the perfect solution for you!


"Equisense Care is a connected body suit which enables the rider to measure their horse’s well-being and to follow his health."


From the Equisense website

  • Be alerted in case of a problem

    You have continuous access to data about your horse’s health (heart rate, respiratory rate, perspiration, agitation, etc.). If colic is suspected or if an accident has occurred (for example, the horse is cast in his stall), Equisense Care immediately alerts you so that you can act quickly.

  • Evaluate his stress level in real time

    Equisense Care evaluates your horse’s daily anxiety level so that you can correlate it with the events that make up his day as well as follow its evolution over time. It also enables you to monitor his stress in real time during a specific event (for example, a trip in a truck).

  • Follow your horse’s daily activity

    Equisense Care measures your horse’s daily activity and enables you to know how he spends his day (sleep, movements in the 3 gaits, etc.). The combination of physiological and behavioral parameters allows you to evaluate his level of well-being and optimize his lifestyle.

Not only can you monitor your horse everyday. This definitely would be super helpful in high stress situations like: 


1. Travelling

2. Showing

3. New Pasture mates

4. New Barn


It connects to an app on your phone and the body suit part of it comes in either summer or winter options that are designed to prevent any rubbing. The app also has features to let you know when it's time to worm or get vaccinations. 


It tracks: 

1. Heart Rate

2. Sleep

3. Respiration

4. Perspiration

5. Temperature

6. Movement and activity


Horses are an investment and if you have a device like this that alerts you in real time, the minute something is wrong, It's worth the money. Especially if it gives you the time to act in an emergency situation such as colic or if they get cast in their stall. 


My horses are out on pasture 24/7 and so it's harder for someone to keep an eye on them at times. This would give me the peace of mind that they were safe and comfortable with their surroundings. 


Click here to purchase one at a deep discount on kickstarter!




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