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Weekly Update

December 14, 2016


 Who's ready to brave the cold and snow?! Colorado is going to drop in temperature this weekend with some snow on the way. A high of 3 degrees is expected on Saturday! I won't be doing much that day. I may try and get out to the barn to visit Java and Baby but anything below 10 degrees is really pushing it to be able to ride......but we will see.

 The picture below is a Java progress picture. The top is when I first started riding her about a month ago and the bottom picture is her about a week and a half ago. You can see she is starting to build some muscle and her massive hay belly is starting diminish a little bit. 

I've been working on her strength and endurance as a priority. So last weekend I got some really good leg yields from her, she sometimes speeds up, and I was able to control her rhythm way better than before. I'm still learning some of her buttons. I also threw in a few shoulder ins, starting from a 10 meter circle and then asking for it. She did some baby ones, so I took it down to a walk both ways just to remind her what I was asking. She hasn't had to do this stuff in years! I worked on my sitting trot and got some really nice moments where she really used her haunches and topline. On to the canter I just did a couple 20 meter circles and down the long side each way. She likes to really speed up when coming down to the trot, so I was prepared and asked her to slow down and she got the idea. 


 Overall, I'm having a lot of fun learning her buttons, and I can tell she really enjoys the work. I'm crossing my fingers that we can start off at showing second level come this summer!


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