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Buyer Beware

February 7, 2017

 Let's begin this by saying that I am very disappointed with how the last two weeks have panned out. 


Here I was, so excited to start working with a new horse that we would hopefully end up buying, next thing I know we are returning her a two weeks later. 



 I asked a million questions about this horse before even going to try her out. The seller had stated that the reason she was selling this mare was due to her being in an accident that broke her back, and she needed to pay off the medical bills. 


That's understandable...right?


So the day after we picked her up and brought her to my facility where I board I hopped on her after lunging and rode. She was great, really calm and worked really hard for me. Two days later I went by after work to just lunge her and same thing, super calm, no big deal.


Three days after that I rode her with my Coach there to watch. I had lunged her for about 5 minutes beforehand, still she was calm. So I hopped on and did some good trot work. After about 10 minutes I go to canter and all of a sudden she's bolting towards the arena fence. I tried to stop her and stayed on as long as I could. I honestly thought she was going through the fence but turned at the last second possible. Instead, I went flying through the fence and took out 2 of the panels. Thanks goodness it was the plastic white vinyl because they had some give and just popped out. If it had been something more solid I could've been seriously injured. I was also wearing my helmet and suffered some major whiplash.

My coach and I both agreed that she had bolted and not spooked at anything. There was no warning and this made me think it was her being naughty. So I hopped back on with her on a lunge line to see what would happen. She didn't try anything after that. 


That night, my suspicions raised, I went through the seller's Facebook page to find out how she broke her back and what the "accident" was. I thought it was really weird that she never told us what happened. Turns out, this horse has bolted before. And her "accident" was from her falling off after this horse bolted and threw her. 

Not disclosing important information like this could make someone liable to get sued. Had I been seriously injured I could have taken legal action upon her for my injuries for not disclosing that this horse is a habitual bolter. 


So, now this healthy horse is dangerous to other riders. When I confronted the seller she still gave me the run around and never admitted to how she broke her back. I let her know I would be returning the horse to her a few days later and terminating the purchase agreement. Thank god for the 30 day trial we built into the contract and the wording that we could terminate the contract at any time for any reason. 


Had I known that this horse had bolted multiple times and in one case broke someone's back I would not have even went to go try her out. 


Thank goodness I wasn't seriously injured and avoided a potentially dangerous horse that has a habit of bolting. 

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