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Recent Update

April 4, 2017

The past 2-3 weeks have been a blur. I lost Baby due to an impaction colic that caused a ruptured intestine. He was 22 and I can't even describe how sad it has been without him.


My good friend Tasia, painted this wonderful portrait of him. I just love it and was blown away by all of the support I've received. 


 On a lighter note I just wanted to showcase other moments that have happened before and after his death. 


DaVinci has been amazing and for an almost 4 year old has definitely blown me away with his attitude. He's pretty easy going, but still has those immature moments, which is totally fine with me. He's super sweet and everyone who meets him falls in love. 

 We are working on his fitness, he just gets unbalanced at times and stops. Part of the issue is the saddle fit, and even when we got it fixed I realized this saddle fits me poorly. It pitches me forward in a weird way and I've tried so hard to work through it, but I need a forward flap due to my long femur. The knee block on this one restricts the bend in my hip and I can't fully sit into the saddle and sit back. 


The other issue was I wasn't able to get out to the barn to work him often enough. The past month since I've gotten him it's only been 3 times a week. When really he needs to be ridden 3 times a week and lunged 2 times a week. So we solved that issue by moving him to a new barn! 


This barn is only 10 minutes from my home and 20 minutes from work. Before, it would take me 35 minutes from home and 45 minutes from work to get to the barn. I also didn't have access to an indoor arena and now I do!


As you can see he has a nice big outdoor run. There are 2 round pens, 2 outdoor arenas, and 1 indoor arena. There a tons of boarders and so I'll have lots of new people to meet! I'm planning on having my trainer out to give me lessons there. Some of the resident pets include barn cats, dogs, ducks, and chickens. Our dog, Charlie, came out and explored the barn and had a grand ole time. He's such a good barn dog!


 Here he is lounging on his day bed that morning. The weather was beautiful!


-Live Wild and Ride Free!


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