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The Equestrian Twilight Zone

April 13, 2017

As I was in the FedEx store yesterday shipping off my County that I sold, I ended up in a very peculiar situation that I had not experienced before....The Equestrian Twilight Zone! Dun dun dunnnnnn....


 It was just a regular day dropping off a saddle to be shipped to it's lucky new owner. When I entered the store I was greeted by a lady at the packing counter that was already helping someone else, and she exclaimed to the man who was available to help me "Oh Look! Yesterday I packed a western saddle and today you get to pack an english one!"


 I just laughed and thought that was awesome. Then the man that was helping me started saying how much he loved the show Heartland and asked if I got a good deal on my saddle. After letting him know that I did, another customer came in that was shipping out a Lunge whip mentioned that she had a western saddle that she bought for $12,000 and sold at $8,000 so she lost quite a bit on that. Her and I then continued our conversation about how she just shipped a horse to Hawaii and how mine came from Holland.


Then, it gets better! Another man that the other lady was helping mentioned that owning horses is like owning a Ferrari and that he at one point had 3 for his two daughters. At that point, every single person in that store was somehow connected by horses!

 What are the odds that at a random Fed Ex shipping center that 5 strangers would have that one specific thing in common? This is the dimension of the equestrian.....Twilight Zone!


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